DSU Brokerage Services Limited

Equity Trading

We have professional staff with a cumulative 51 years Capital Market experience. DSU Brokerage Services Limited will offer the best service quality in Equity trading. In addition to equity, DSU Brokerage Services Limited is also an authorized Treasury Bill/Bond Dealer and can efficiently execute all secondary market bond deal without hitch or delay.

We are a member of NASD and trade listed Securities on OTC market.

We provide opportunities for clients to execute their trades on their  own anywhere in the World through our newly introduced trading platform known as DSBS i-Xcute



DSU Brokerage Services Limited Portfolio Managers assist clients in constructing optimum
investment portfolio that addresses risk/return trade off without compromising the clients’ overall
investment strategy and objectives.
Fully aware of our clients’ busy schedules, we assist them to consolidate and amalgamate their
stock accounts, extract dividend warrants and share certificates from the Registrars, determine
exact holdings and value of their investment portfolio as well as give on stock switch and rendering
periodic reports on portfolio performances.
We offer both discretionary and non-discretionary portfolio management services.

  • Discretionary: The portfolio is flexible and managed in line with clients objectives.
    The Managers retain control over assets selection and, allocation and disposal.
  • Non-Discretionary: The Manager seeks consents of the clients in asset selection.

DSU Brokerage Services Limited has always pride itself as a knowledge based organisation. It is
our believe that the gap between the haves and have-nots is non-availability or inability to get/give
information effectively. That is why we have established a dedicated research desk to gather,
collate, evaluate and publish research information in simple easy-to-use format for our client on a
timely basis.
Some of our publication will include: Daily Market Summary, Quarterly and Annual Economic
Report. We believe this can only improve our clients’ decision making and therefore the end-
returns to them.

All mandates are well documented, executed and contract notes and other document delivered on a
same date basis. Purchases made are executed on cheque confirmation while sales are settled on a
24 hour basis.

We also have a dedicated floor-phone that ensures that mandates could be communicated and
executed immediately. We also ensure that our client are able to have access to floor information
on a timely basis via phone, fax or email and ensure that we deliver our opinion on the information
to enable you take timely decisions about your portfolio assets.